Riccardo Pinosio PhD

Riccardo Pinosio PhD

Senior data scientist, Altius

Lecturer in machine learning, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences


Riccardo Pinosio is currently Senior Data Scientist at Altius (Avanade) and lecturer in Machine Learning at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. His work focuses on:

  • Data strategy and digital transformation consulting
  • Machine learning (especially in the context of forecasting and optimization, asset pricing, marketing intelligence, information retrieval and natural language, IoT)
  • Bayesian models and statistical inference
  • Machine learning engineering and MLOps
  • Models that combine neural networks and formal methods (e.g. logic and semantic technologies)
  • Open source software

He pursues these interests from both an applied and theoretical standpoint, since the cross-pollination between academia and industry is the ultimate driver of technological innovation, value creation and competitive advantage.

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